I tasted the future of EV charging and it was delicious.

Electrify America’s newest, indoor charging concept reimagines the electric vehicle experience for the better. And I love it.

Carter Gibson


Rivian R1T charging inside of EA’s latest charging concept, a coverted auto garage with many chargers and lougnes

Earlier this week I drove from Breckenridge back to San Francisco over the course of two days. Earlier this month, I did the same drive but in the other direction. The weather and traffic was variable—as was the quality of the innumerable podcasts I listened to—but there was one constant: I cursed Electrify America the whole way.

To be clear, EA got me where I needed to go. I never once wasn’t able to charge and, while one charger did break the chip on my credit card (note: how this even happened I will never know), I didn’t experience the mass outages or broken chargers EA is infamous for. Even though there were only four fast chargers every 150mi or so — an unnerving fact even if you have the utmost confidence in “the system”—I didn’t have to wait and I didn’t get stranded.

However, I very quickly grew tired of Walmart parking lots, getting soaked in the rain, or parking at the end of a massive parking lot where the chargers were. At one point near Tahoe I got caught in a snowstorm. Other times while charging I sat in my Rivian R1T to do work, hotspotting off my phone and propping my laptop up on my center console. I would have much preferred a table.

Simply put, charging kinda sucks — even when it’s fast and you get where you’re going.

But almost as if God him/her/theirself had seen my (extremely first world) pain and suffering, I got an email from EA letting me know that, through divine intervention, charging could be better. And it was opening the next day.

Here’s what the email said:

We’re thrilled to announce our first flagship charging station in San Francisco is opening on February 9th. Located at 928 Harrison Street in the SoMa (South of Market) neighborhood, it’s the first indoor flagship charging station of its kind from Electrify America.

Here are some of the amenities at this location:

- 20 Hyper-fast chargers capable of speeds up to 350 kW

- Two temperature-controlled customer…



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